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List the hottest industries for UV18 curing light source applications in 2018

2018 has passed, Xiaobian to give you a list of the most widely used UVLED curing light sources in which industries.

◆TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel filling port package

◆ TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel FPC paste package

◆ Touch screen fit curing

◆PCB industry LED VU light curing application

◆Optical industry-ST-LED UV curing application

◆UV package curing application of laser

◆ Hard disk head assembly (package of head and head, gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)

◆Motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixed, coil end fixed, PTC/NTC component bonding, protection transformer core)

◆DVD/digital camera (lens, lens sticking, board reinforcement)

◆ Sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)

◆Mobile phone component assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, housing, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)

◆Optical component assembly (lens group, prism, DLP optical engine assembly, CCD, COMS)

◆Optical communication industry Yuanyuan device (PLC splitter, wavelength division multiplexer WDM, array grating waveguide AWG, etc. various glass package structure bonding or potting, fixing of small components, etc.)

◆Scientific and Institute-ST-LED UV curing application

◆ Medical device curing application

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