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Dow Corning Secures LED Optical Packaging Silicone Patent European Patent Office

Dow Corning announced that the European Patent Office stated that the patent number EP-1556443 will remain valid. This patent is Dow Corning's intellectual property product line, high refractive (RI) phenyl silicon optical encapsulation technology.
This encapsulant provides better light output performance, improved reliability and the advantages of other high-brightness LED lighting beading.
In the ever-changing European market, the decision of the European Patent Office has a significant impact on the position of Dow Corning's intellectual property. The integrity of patents is of strategic importance, and Dow Corning also has LED production sites around the world, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.
The patent number EP-1556443 issued by the European Patent Office on March 27, 2013 is a very important intellectual property right of Dow Corning. Shortly after the release, the European Patent Office received an objection from two units requesting the cancellation of the patent.
However, after review by the European Patent Office, plus some minor amendments, the European Patent Office officially stated on June 21, 2016 that Dow Corning’s patent will continue to be effective.

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